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Steps to buy a new car

Finding the best price for your new car, when and how trading in the car buying process you want. By following these ten steps, you will achieve the perfect car at a great price.

We assume that you've decided to buy the car you want. This quick guide can help you save hundreds or thousands of euros. You'll also get a sense of control in the whole process to close the final deal.

Step 1: Setting goals

After investigations to determine the car that best fits your needs, you also have an idea of ​​what to pay for it. Buying a car is a big investment, but can be rewarding if you know that you buy at a fair price. When you know the car you want to buy, with optional you've chosen, touches determine a target price to pay. Let's see how:
Step 2: Incentives and discounts

The current new car market is crowded and competitive. Many cars are sold with attractive incentives for you to choose a particular model. Be careful, because sometimes the cars with the best incentives are those that do not sell very well for themselves.

How to find brands with promotions?

You will see both TV ads, in newspapers and on news portals engine like this. But look at the fine print. Often they do not apply to all models and all engines. Also consider that sometimes there are hidden incentives paid to dealers to boost sales of certain cars. Check that these incentives are offered for the car you want to buy. Collects all that information and see if compensated.
Step 3: Car Price

Car salesmen always point to a car and the amount you pay for it "recommended retail price". False. The dealer is always willing to sell a car well below that price.

Step 4: Finding the car

Now you should have a concrete idea of the car you want to buy: make, model, trim level , options and colors. The more flexible you can be in these features, you'll find a wider range of cars for sale. And that will give you additional bargaining power. If you just want a model in a specific color, you will be harder to get a good deal. Why? You'll pay the price that prompted the dealer ... or try to find an identical vehicle.

In any case, locate the car you are looking for is easier with the Internet. In coches.com, you can request quotes from several dealers of the same model in different parts of Spain. The dealer will contact you and that's when comes in your bargaining power. An example "Seeking a Honda Accord diesel, I do not care the color, but I do want to have ABS and side airbags" The seller will review your inventory and you will call back. If several dealers offer you the same car, you'll be in a better position to do good business.

Another useful tip: Write down on a log all information about each vehicle that you locate, including color, optional, and the name of the dealer. This will save time as you continue the process.

Step 5: Internet vs traditional car Buy

You no mistake: Internet saves time, travel, complications ... and will also save money. However, many believe that buying a car is an investment too great to make it remotely.

So, when you go to the dealer, analyzes seller: Do you feel well treated? Are they aggressive or impatient and are relaxed and open? If you ask about the availability of a vehicle ... you try to run to another car, just because they have many units of that model in stock? ¿They return your phone calls? Do they respond to your questions directly or are evasive and confusing?

You answering these questions should know whether or not to buy from that seller. Establishes a day to test the car you want to buy , better when the concessionaire is not very busy, (a weekday weekday mornings). But you do not feel obligated to buy the car, just because you have all the necessary documents with you or because you liked the test lot.

Step 6: If you think selling your old car

If you plan to sell your old car to a dealership, you probably will not get an offer of a new car as you would if you had sold yourself to an individual. However, that will avoid problems, and save time and headaches if you are not well versed.

One trick: If it is very important for you to get the most value for your car, ask at several dealers of the brand you want and solicits bids. Tell the seller that your purchase of a new car depends on how much you get for your old car. Sometimes the extra effort of getting competitive bids is less than you would need to sell the car yourself.

If you want to know how much your car is worth, you can try our new tool , which will tell you how much your car is worth depending on how much they are paying for similar cars on the market. If for you and the seller is very important to save as much money as possible when making the change of ownership of the vehicle, these are all the formalities and paperwork to make yourself the trasnferencia car and avoid going through an agency.

Step 7: Lowest Price Negotiation

Internet marketers are willing to discuss the price over the phone or by email. Eye, it is possible that, between calls to Internet departments from several dealers, the sales price has risen car. That usually do often, because it is a determining factor in the decision to purchase most buyers factor.

But is it true that rise or will do so soon? Coches.com has a unique tool in Europe to analyze the evolution of the average prices of new cars in official dealerships throughout the year. This may serve to negotiate and whether prices may fall more or yes, in that model in question, and will go up. The monthly reports of new car prices are the best guide for the general market trend, a segment or a particular brand. Here we explain how we perform.

Step 8: Closing the deal

If you feel good with the price you have closed the buyer, it is time to look at other "incidentals". Many buyers focus on the cost of the car and ignore related expenses. To get a fair deal you should be alert throughout the purchase process, even after you and the seller and remember a price. Take a look at this post where we tell you what those are terms that should appear in the bill for your new car.

Step 9: Review and sign the paperwork

Once you have an agreement, the concessionaire will present the contract of his new car and an incredible variety of documents to sign. It is quite possible that an expert salesman try to sell you all sorts of additional products such as extended service contracts, etc. Watch that such "extras" are not entered in the final price without your knowledge, so read carefully before signing. Make sure the numbers match the budget and that no additional charges or fees inserted.

You might also ask you to sign powers so that they can register the new car in your name, and so poderte transfer ownership of your vehicle. To understand what you are signing and what it means, ask questions if you do not understand and do not feel you have to hurry. Buying a car is a serious commitment and you must understand all the documents that you have before you. Once you've signed the contract can not be returned the car.

Step 10: Inspection and taking possession of your new car

When the dealers hand you the keys (some) include the first tank free gas. There you will have your last chance to inspect the car before taking possession of it. Be sure to check around the car and look for scratches in the paint and wheels, or dents and dings in the body. If you pay by rugs or curtains for the windows, make sure they are included. If anything is missing (puncture repair kit, spare wheel, triangles ...) or does not conform to what you have bought requires repair.

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